We now
have it all.

There has never been
a better time to be
a part of the SBC.

One Enrollment, One Bill,
Best In Class Coverage.

We leverage our buying power to find the best value in health and welfare benefits. Whether that value is found in one vendor or multiple vendors, members use one enrollment system and receive one bill for all coverage provided through the SBC.

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How We Work For YOU

The Statewide Benefit Cooperative is simply an outstanding choice for your benefit needs.

Do you know why?

YOU  Have One Powerful Voice

The Statewide Benefit Cooperative comprises a buying force of over 3,000 plan participants. This negotiating power keeps your costs down, while bringing you more plan options, flexibility and high quality service. It is your Advocate in the challenging world of healthcare.

YOU  Choose from Flexible Plan Designs

The Statewide Benefit Cooperative plans do not have to accommodate all companies in all states. Instead, they are designed specifically for Indiana co-ops. Therefore, you get the flexibility you need at affordable prices. You have access to a full range of plan choices, including comprehensive medical plans, PPO Plans, High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

YOU  Have Access to Quality Providers

The Statewide Benefit Cooperative gives you access to the best doctors and hospitals in Indiana, many of whom give our plans special rates and discounts.

YOU  Enjoy Stable Rates

As a single employer, it only takes several high claims to negatively impact your claims experience and drastically raise your rates. By pooling membership, the Statewide Benefit Cooperative is able to mitigate the rate swings created by ever changing claims experience. In addition, it uses its assets to lower rates even further and lessen the impact of spikes in medical inflation. You should know that since 2004, the Statewide Benefit Cooperative has returned over $2.2 million to its members in the form of premium credits - and there are more to come. Can other plans say that?

YOU  Benefit from Surplus Premiums - Not the Insurance Company

The Statewide Benefit Cooperative's funding arrangement is truly unique. If claims come in lower than the premium, the surplus is passed back to the Indiana Statewide Group Insurance Trust - and back to you in the form of lower premiums. If claims come in higher than the premium, your liability is limited to just your premium – the insurance company pays the difference.

YOU  Feel Right at Home

The Statewide Benefit Cooperative is made up of Indiana co-ops and is run by Indiana co-ops. All of the Trustees that manage the Indiana Statewide Group Insurance Trust are either Directors or CEOs from its membership. Their decisions are based solely on your best interests. We know your needs better than anyone else because we are one of you.

YOU  Make a Difference

The Statewide Benefit Cooperative was created for you. You have a say in how it operates and the services it provides. Member employers are encouraged to attend Trustees' meetings where they are able to ask questions and voice their opinions. Do you think other plans listen this closely to their customers?