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Why Participate In a Wellness Program?

If your employer offers a Wellness program, it can be an important and valuable part of your benefit package. Wellness programs have been proven to catch health risks before they turn into more serious problems.

Still Not Sure?

Then keep reading to learn the top 10 reasons for participating in your company’s Wellness program.

1. It’s Free
Your employer pays for 100% of the costs

2. It’s Easy
The screening tests are simple and the entire process is usually completed within 30 minutes

3. It’s Convenient
The screening team comes to your workplace or you are provided with a convenient at-home kit so that you can complete the screening process at-home. The screening process includes many of the same tests that you would otherwise have to visit a doctor’s office or lab to be completed.

4. It’s Confidential
Your tests results are kept in strict confidence and are NOT shared with your employer. The screening team is held to the same Federal privacy standards as doctors and other health professionals.

5. It’s Informative
You will learn what the primary health risk factors are and what you can do to lower your risks and improve your health.

6. It’s Immediate
Unlike tests performed at a lab where you wait days or weeks for the results, you learn your results immediately following the tests.

7. It’s Personal
A wellness professional will personally review your results with you and give you information and recommendations appropriate for your specific health status. When you’re in the program for multiple years, your prior information will be tracked against current results to identify health or risk factor trends.

8. It’s On-Going
If your screening uncovers a significant health risk, you can enroll in an on-going program that seeks to lower your health risk by supplying you with information and coaching to help you better manage your condition.

9. It’s Effective
The Statewide Benefit Cooperative was one of the first health plans to offer a wellness program to its members. There are many years worth of data showing that on average, individuals who consistently participate in wellness screenings have lower health risk factors than those who do not participate.

10. It Could Save Your Life
Many times, health risks don’t show any outward symptoms until the condition has become very serious and potentially life threatening. The Wellness company that administers our program has countless testimonials from individuals who first learned of a serious health risk at their wellness screening and were able to seek immediate medical attention before their condition progressed.