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We leverage our buying power to find the best value in health and welfare benefits. Whether that value is found in one vendor or multiple vendors, members use one enrollment system and receive one bill for all coverage provided through the SBC.

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Why Wellness?

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Wellness Resources

» Health Screening Components

» Private Consultations/Coaching

» Extended High Risk Coaching

» Web Tools Overview

» Service Team Contact List

Why Participate in Wellness?

About Circle Wellness

Circle Wellness, a member of Circle Health Partners, Inc., is an Indiana company that provides corporate wellness solutions to organizations throughout the country. Many of the top executives within Circle Wellness, including its founders, trace their wellness roots back to Health First Consulting and Molloy Wellness (J.F. Molloy & Associates). With Circle Wellness, your members will receive personal attention and personal service combined with a deep understanding of the Statewide Benefits Cooperative culture.